Melissa Deri

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Lehman College CUNY

250 Bedford Park Blvd West
Bronx, NY 10468


Prof. Deri’s research interests focus on two main themes: radiochemistry and education. 

The principal mission of the Deri Lab is the integration and application of radiochemistry towards tangible benefits to society. This goal is largely focused on the application of radioactive isotopes for diagnostics and therapy within the field of nuclear medicine. The development of such radiopharmaceuticals involves interdisciplinary projects connecting biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and radiochemistry to the biomedical sciences. 
Current research projects include separations development for isotope production, radiometal chelation and stability studies, and bifunctional chelator development focused largely around medically relevant isotopes of scandium. 

Furthermore, Prof. Deri studies the efficacy of innovative teaching methods including flipped classroom methodology and has developed an online general chemistry course for non-science majors. 

Prof. Deri has received funding from both the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health for her research and offers opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to get involved. She aims to spread awareness of the beneficial applications of radioactivity and to make radiochemistry more accessible to a broader audience. 

New Opening for Undergrads
A new and exciting research opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students is available through the Horizon-broadening Isotope Production Pipeline Opportunities (HIPPO) program. This is a brand new collaboration offering year-long paid research and networking opportunities in isotope production and radiochemistry. I am looking for an undergraduate student to join my lab and participate in this program. Apply Here